Meet the girls

My eldest daughter is 2 and is an absolute chatterbox just like her mummy. She dotes on her little sister, can count to 10, is addicted to jigsaws, loves to sing and is obsessed with Winnie the  Pooh.  She loves her food just like her daddy.  She knows that mummy’s house has gone and thinks it is broken. She talks about going on an aeroplane to Australia to a new house but not yet as she is happy living at mommar’s house.


My youngest is 10 months old and the complete opposite to her sister. She is sensitive yet adventurous. Loving yet independent.  Every day she watches her big sister intently and is already learning so much from her. She is a grape fiend and loves her sleep. She had a tough start in life but has really started to blossom into a (dare I say it) little toddler….where did my babies to?






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