About me, my Family & our Adventure

I’m mummy to two wonderful girls who light up my life along with their daddy. I’m a travel enthusiast and absolutely love the sunshine. I am never quiet. I love wine. I love to run. I love my friends. I love everything Disney. I love good food.

I’m moving from England to Australia with my little family of four in October 2014. This blog is for me to document this next chapter in our lives. The highs and exciting times, as well as the struggles as we follow our dream to live and be happy on the other side of the world.



2 responses to “About me, my Family & our Adventure

  1. Congratulations Emma and welcome to Australia! I emigrated to Adelaide with my husband and two young children back in 2005 and we have never looked back. It sounds like you and your husband did your homework and meticulous planning for your big move which is essential – so many people don’t and that’s where they trip up.
    I too love wine, (we live in the biggest wine region of Australia and it’s great!!) good food & friends. I did love running until my forty something year old body started to hurt too much.
    Enjoy your new life and I look forward to hearing about your adventures šŸ™‚ Lucy


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