Three Months In…

I can’t help but look back at those overwhelming, emotional and pretty hectic first few days arriving into Perth.  I just keep thinking to myself ‘thank goodness we got through the hardest first few weeks’.  Saying goodbye to our families, packing, moving and unpacking all of our worldly possessions, taking 3 flights with a toddler and an infant in tow,  the jet lag, living out of suitcases for 3 months the endless appointments registering for Medicare and Centrelink, the house viewings and applications, the childcare arrangements, buying a car and starting new jobs…..The list seems to go on and on and on and at times you forget the reason you have gone through the whole process of emigrating in the first place.  A new start.  A better standard of living.  A happier and healthier life.  It has been quite an eventful journey, but one that we are so glad and proud to have committed ourselves to succeeding in.

We don’t have any doubts in our minds when it comes to our decision to emigrate.  Yes it’s difficult not to be surrounded by family but we’ve made some great new friends, we are both enjoying work and we are definitely making more of our time off as a family.  It’s the small things that make us realize the quality of life we now have and for us in reality it’s better than we ever imagined when we started dreaming of this big move.  It’s our toddler excitingly asking at bedtime what we are doing in the morning.  It’s  Matt and the girls collecting me from work so that we can catch a few hours at the beach before dinner.  It’s the ability to sit outside in the warmth, listening to the crickets and the wildlife once the girls are settled in bed…with a nice glass of wine and a good book in hand.  It’s the laidback lifestyle and the better work-life balance we now have in comparison to what we had in the UK.  Yes it’s right for us but it’s certainly not for everyone.  We miss our families dearly but the weekly Skype and Facetime sessions have become the norm for us and has become an important part of our girls’ routines.  Tonight we got to Facetime ‘mommar’ so that she could read my toddler ‘Room on the Broom’…. you have to truly give everything to a move like ours and we’ve given it our all.


So here’s a snapshot in photographs, which pretty much sum up an amazing first three months in Perth.












So here’s to the adventure continuing…we have a holiday to Margaret River planned in March and hopefully we will be starting to build our first home here in Perth over the coming months.

On both good and bad days, I remind myself:

Dreams won’t come looking for you. That’s why you have to chase them. Pursue them until they become reality….then hold on tightly. – Susan Gale



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