Our First Aussie Christmas…


Merry Christmas All!

Well we’ve thoroughly enjoyed our first Aussie Christmas (as expats and a family of four).  I think Christmas Day was the first day since arriving to Perth less than three months ago where we’ve had no real agenda and have just enjoyed being together and relaxed.  We so needed that time with the girls and the ability to reflect on what has been a pretty hectic few months.  The girls have been on fantastic form and it is magical watching their faces light up at all things to do with Christmas.  Presents, Christmas Dinner, Christmas Music….it was a day very similar to a typical Christmas spent in the UK, just with a little more sunshine and little less TV (I did miss watching The Snowman on Channel 4 on Christmas Eve…a bit of a tradition back in the UK so I will be buying it on DVD for next year).IMG_6231

The run up to Christmas in Perth has been pretty festive – Christmas Carol Concerts, a whole lot of Christmas Lights, the city’s Nativity Play, Lights in the Heights in Padbury, Christmas Pageant, Christmas movies in Northbridge and work/nursery parties.  As a family with two little ones, we have been truly spoilt for choice when it comes to events and activities to take the girls to.  We’ve loved getting them into the spirit of Christmas – Perth style.  Our toddler especially has enjoyed driving around our local suburbs in her PJs singing to Christmas songs and beaming from ear to ear at all of the Christmas lights. Hitting the beach for sunset has also become a family favourite.


I have to admit though , we were both feeling a little underwhelmed by the thought of spending Christmas in the heat.  There’s something about being in a colder climate at Christmas that I really miss. Saying that, my opinion of Christmas in Perth changed on Christmas afternoon when we headed to the beach for a few hours.  The atmosphere down there was great. There were so many friends and families gathering under beach shelters and gazebos with their mobile BBQs, camp chairs and eskys, setting up base for the day and celebrating Christmas in pure ‘Aussie style’. We couldn’t help but smile, relax and soak up the atmosphere – it was amazing to be part of that.  The girls, as always, were in their elements…enjoying every moment.IMG_6181

After a few hours soaking up the sun, we headed home for a very traditional Christmas Dinner with all the trimmings, which the girls lapped up, especially after all of that sea air.  After a few more rounds of presents, the girls ‘facetimed’ and ‘skyped’ their grandparents back in the UK as well as my brother and best friend… That was slightly emotional but to be honest, even after only 3 months, it’s starting to feel like the norm for us all to catch up this way and our toddler especially is full of chatter.


So as we approach a New Year, we are so thankful for the amazing year we’ve had and we are so excited about what 2015 has in store for us.  We’ll be settling our youngest into nursery, Matt will be returning to full time work, we’ll be building and moving into our first Aussie home and we’ll be taking our first holiday down in Margaret River. Exciting times continue…


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