Welcome to our first Aussie home

It definitely doesn’t seem like we just received the keys to our first family home here in Perth just two weeks ago. The girls have already made their marks on bedrooms and the playroom is full with toys, our paintings and pictures are all nicely displayed on the walls, daddy is eyeing up a wine fridge and well I’ve been nesting, sorting and rearranging everything to make us feel like we are finally home…..This morning we also put up our Christmas Tree and Decorations, which has made the house feel festive and very much our home.


The last week has been pretty hectic as Matt and I have both had to juggle work, child care and moving house with two poorly girls in tow. Not the best combination but we have made it and we are settling in so well. We went to collect the keys last Tuesday and were pretty amazed at the sheer amount of paperwork we had to trawl through and sign with our property manager. She had taken photos and made notes on absolutely every inch of the four bedroom property. We, the new tenants, were responsible for the garden, the reticulation heads, the grouting, the tiling, the flower pots and plants….everything within the house had been scrutinized and it was up to us to maintain it to the same standard in order to get our security bond back. We were given the keys, the manuals and a huge 27 page document to go through within 7 days to mark off any anomalies on the property manager’s notes. 4 days later, we had walked through every inch of the house, room by room and typed up our notes as well as taken photos to send back to our property manager. It’s good to know that we’ve covered ourselves in the event of a discrepancy in receiving our bond back but to be honest, I definitely think we’ll look to buy sooner rather than later as the whole experience felt so overwhelming. So now that the paperwork is signed, we have three monthly inspections to look forward to…something which we’ve never come across before. So here is a glimpse into our new home… We are both still amazed at how quickly we have felt like home here and it’s amazing to think this is just the beginning… so much to be thankful for and so much to look forward to..







So yes we are so happy to be here in Perth and finding the perfect first family home has made this huge upheaval and transition much easier to deal with.



2 responses to “Welcome to our first Aussie home

  1. Hi Emma

    Lovely home! I’m interested to know where it is? I am looking to move to Perth – from NZ where I’ve been for 10 years. Trying to familiarise myself with suburbs and where better areas are. Thank you!


    • Hi Susan. Our rental is currently in Greenwood so north of the river. Its personal choice when it comes to living north or south but for us we wanted to be on the trainline, as close to the cbd within our buying capacity, close to the gorgeous northern beaches like mullaloo and Whitfords as well as close to good childcare. We love this area and have settled very easily. Let me know if you need any more info.

      Good luck with your move!


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