One month in…

One month today we landed in Perth and what a month it has been. I must admit it feels like we’ve been here for much longer than 4 weeks as we’ve settled in so well and everything (so far) has fallen into place quite nicely for us. Last week we finally secured a long term rental, which was amazing news as after 3 long months living out of suitcases and packing & unpacking a total of 17 times, I literally cannot wait to see our container pull up onto our driveway next Wednesday and to start ‘nesting’ in our new home.


We’ve been surprised at how quickly the girls have taken to Australian life. Our eldest has started nursery one day a week, which is helping her gain confidence and improve her social skills aswell as become more independent. She asks us every evening before bed where she’s going in the morning…the beach, the playground, softplay, the farm, nursery…every day seems like a bit of holiday for her and she is relishing in it all. She has made some new little friends which in turn has helped us make new friends too. Our youngest is growing up fast too, following her big sister around in complete admiration and adoration. She is loving the sunny days spent outside exploring and turning from baby to toddler very quickly.


As summer is looming, we are amazed at the amount of festivals, fun days and activities for families on the weekend. Planning our Saturday family day out is the highlight of my week and seeing the girls out in the sunshine, fresh air and just generally running around smiling makes me realise how right this move was for us. The girls are truly in their elements out here and so are we.


Work is going really well and I already find myself feeling like I have a second family at work. I find the work life balance much better than in England and I am so thankful to have the opportunity to return back to work after having my girls, knowing that my husband is at home with them. He is relishing this opportunity of being a stay at home dad and is enjoying his part time work in the wine industry, which has always been a big dream for him to pursue a career in this new direction for him. The girls absolutely adore daddy day care and I admire my husband so much for taking on that role.


So you could say we’ve landed on our feet so far but to be honest, I think we have definitely deserved it to work out for us. For the last two years we’ve saved hard, worked hard and planned meticulously for our move to Perth. We survived the journey, the first few blurry weeks of registering for everything and battling jet lag followed by two weeks of working and house hunting. It’s time to unpack, open a bottle of wine and toast our future in this beautiful city and country.




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