Two weeks in…

Our second week flew by just as quick as our first one. Having had such a productive first week, we were able to take a more relaxed approach to our second week in Perth. After successfully finding a great part time job for Matt at a local winery in Swan Valley, we focused on finding a suitable rental property in or around Kingsley.  Having previously researched rentals online prior to our arrival, we’ve both been surprised at the poor condition of many rental properties we’ve visited so far.  We’ve been feeling somewhat deflated about finding a suitable house following four fairly unsuccessful viewings.  Most of the properties were listed as ‘meticulous’ or ‘perfect’ but in reality they were sorely run down and needed a lot of work to bring them anywhere near a standard we would contemplate leaving in.  We did find a great property in nearby Greenwood which was great inside, but the garden was huge and would need a lot of upkeep,which we both felt would take up a lot of our spare time. After a lot more searching, last Tuesday, we found a perfect house located slightly north of us in Woodvale. It pretty much ticks all the boxes….close to the train station, clean, spacious, lovely kitchen and reception rooms and a great low maintenance but sizeable garden and patio area. Perfect.  We instantly advised the agent that we would like to apply and have since submitted our application. Now for the wait…over the weekend….We really hope we can secure the house but with other applicants in the running, we have continued our search over the weekend as we only have three weeks left in our current rental.

So with a house application pending and another job contract signed, we have enjoyed my last few days off before starting work exploring the local area. We have been amazed at just how child friendly Perth is and already feel at home here.  I must admit, it’s a pretty amazing feeling watching our girls run around the parks and beaches in their elements and thinking to myself, wow we’ve made it here after so much planning and the girls are happy.  Yes there are going to be hard days where we miss home and feel low but waking up to the sun shining here in Perth, I can’t help but feel that life can’t get any better.




3 responses to “Two weeks in…

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