One week in…

So our first week in Perth has flown over in a blur. We have had to spend quite a lot of time indoors at appointments and with two little ones in tow this alone has proved quite challenging at times. As much as possible, we have tried to balance our never ending list of to dos with exploring the beaches, playgrounds, parks and just being outdoors with the girls. Our first afternoon we were exhausted and deflated. After very little sleep two nights in a row, we arrived at our rental unit feeling completely drained and silently wondering what on earth we had done. We kept the girls up until 8.30pm and went to bed ourselves shortly after midnight. I tossed, I turned, I pondered, I worried…. I finally got some sleep at around 2am. Luckily and quite amazingly the girls slept through and so did we. Waking up around 8am feeling so much more refreshed and positive about our days ahead was exactly what we needed. The girls woke up on good form too and it was great to start the day with their usual routine. As we didn’t have bank appointments booked until Friday, we spent Thursday visiting Westfield Whitfords Shopping centre to buy a few essentials….GPS, Printer, Laptop and to look into phone contracts before heading to Hillarys Boat Harbour to give the girls a chance of some fresh air, sun, sand and sea. Great decision. Sitting under the shaded canopy on the beach with a flat white in hand, watching my toddler run around in her element made me realise we were now living our dream. IMG_5332 After a productive morning and a relaxing afternoon, we headed back to our unit and kept the girls up until 8pm again before following their usual bedtime routine. Second night running, they slept through the night and woke up at 8am. Friday was going to be a long day so we were glad the girls were well rested and on good form before we headed into the city. We drove to the train station and took the train as this would be a good opportunity for me to see what my future commute would be like. We reached the city in less than 20 minutes and headed straight to the bank. We were greeted upon arrival as if we were checking into a hotel and escorted to our bank adviser’s office. Whilst our baby napped and our toddler busied herself with puzzles on our IPad, we signed our bank cards, completed lots of paperwork, set up our Internet banking, opened our savings accounts and discussed home loans and car insurance. After almost two hours we were done and so we headed straight to Medicare to enrol. Surprisingly the queue wasn’t too long and we were seen and done registering within an hour. After lunch, we popped into my work to see where I would be working. All looked great and it really put me at ease about returning back to work after two years and two children! After a successful day in the city, we picked up smart rider passes and took the train back to Greenwood and from there drove back to Westfield Whitfords Shopping Centre to sort out phone contracts. We left all of our paperwork there as our request for contracts needed further approval and the girls were ready to head home. After a quick tea and bath, the girls were again straight to bed. Matt and I spent the evening researching car dealerships, looking into rentals and planning out the rest of our week in detail. On Saturday morning we went to a recommended car dealership and found a great car, which ticked all of our desirables, had three years of warranty and was in our price bracket. We arranged to collect on Wednesday and from there headed to Kings Park for lunch. The girls loved exploring Rio Tinto Naturescape and relished being out in the fresh air and sunshine. After a lovely hour running around after our toddler, we were back in the car to collect our mobile phones and do a food shop. We then stopped by Pinnaroo Valley Park to introduce our girls to kangaroos. The park was so peaceful and such a great spot, we will be back to visit again. IMG_5374 Sunday was a much more relaxing day with a meet up arranged with some fellow expats at Mullaloo Beach. We were definitely in need of a day to switch off having been none stop since arriving. The girls adored meeting new friends and we enjoyed some good company, BBQ lunch and just loved being at the beach and in the fresh air. I spent the evening registering with Centrelink and researching rentals. Monday arrived and it was back to our to do list. After an early start with the girls, we headed to our local Centrelink office to drop off our supporting documents in order to claim family assistance. We then went to buy car seats before visiting our local childcare centre. Our toddler was in her element playing in the sandpit and we felt relieved that she took to the place and the staff really well. After a pretty productive morning, we went for a coffee at Dome then headed back home to enjoy a relaxing afternoon with some new friends in the garden. On Tuesday morning we took the girls to our local doctors to discuss their catch up vaccinations and the nurse photocopied their records and called us later in the afternoon to arrange a follow up appointment for Friday. We also visited Joondalup Lakeside Shopping Centre to arrange a bank cheque for our car purchase. On Wednesday, we drove to the car dealership and collected our car. From there, I followed Matt to the airport to drop off our hire car. We got to the airport just before lunchtime and so in 35 degree heat, we struggled to keep the girls happy while we fitted their car seats in the new car and emptied the hire car of all of our bits and pieces. The car seats fit very differently here compared to the UK and so it took a little bit more time and patience to get them fitted properly (even though I had read the manuals the night before). Relieved to be back in the air conditioning, we drove to Softplay so the girls could have a run around and keep cool before driving back home for a dip in the pool before bed. It’s hard to believe that we have only been here one week. It goes to show that if you plan well and schedule your time effectively you can get through the first few days quite easily….even with a teething baby and a very independent toddler. Bring on week 2 xx


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