Our Flights to Perth with Singapore Airlines

We got through most of our final goodbyes over the weekend and were beginning to look forward to arriving into Perth and getting on with our lives, settling the girls and finding our feet.  But before the fun part could begin, we had to get over the final hurdle of flying half way across the world with a 1 year old and 2 year old in tow.  31 hours of travel door to door, 3 flights, 6 checked pieces of luggage, 4 pieces of hand luggage and 2 buggies…. We knew it was going to be a tough and long journey that would test us and I guess the only thing keeping me going at times was the fact that the next time we fly long haul we’ll be travelling with a more manageable 3 year old and 4 year old. Or so we hope!

Our alarms were set for 3.45am in our airport hotel guest room.  We got dressed and packed before unsuccessfully trying to transfer the girls from their beds to their pushchairs still asleep. Did not work.  Surprisingly, our youngest woke up pretty content if not slightly dazed and tired.  Our toddler on the other hand kicked, screamed and demanded to be returned to her bed as she wanted to go back to sleep right now.  We managed to settle her by showing her a very happy sister sitting contently in her pushchair.  Immediately she said she wanted to get in her pushchair and hold her sister’s hand.  Result.


We got to the airport, luggage and all, in two trips.  Matt and I pushed the girls and our hand luggage over before he returned for the checked luggage. It may have been 4.30am by this point, but to my girls it was breakfast time so they ate….


After a round of bananas, cheerios and smoothies, we checked in for our flights without much delay and finally got rid of our checked luggage before heading through security.  It’s funny how much longer every part of our journey took with two children in tow. Security was a military operation as we unloaded both pushchairs of our hand luggage, blankets, snacks and other children-related bits.  We quickly put everything back into our bags and headed to Boots to pick up our pre-ordered milk for the first leg of our journey.  Although we had arrived for our flight almost 2 hours prior to departure, we only had a 10 minute breather before being called to the gate. The flight from Newcastle to London was quiet and relatively easy going.  We arrived on time and swiftly transferred from Terminal 5 to Terminal 2 where we picked up a coffee, changed the girls into regular clothes and picked up more pre-ordered formula milk at Boots. We managed to get our baby to nap as normal around 10am before discovering a newly opened (free) softplay airside.  Result!




The girls really enjoyed the opportunity to run around and were both wiped as soon as we took off for our second flight to Singapore with both of them falling asleep during take off.  With our girls asleep, we both made the most of 2 hours of ‘child free’ relaxation on board.  We resisted the temptation to order Singapore Slings and happily sipped coffee and watched movies while we had the chance to! We had three seats at the window, which were bulk head seats with a bassinet for our baby. We found Singapore Airlines a great family friendly airline to fly with and we wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them and fly their routes in the future.




Right on schedule, just as the lovely air crew were serving lunch, the girls woke up.  The crew were brilliant and offered to give us our meals one after the other as our youngest wasn’t too keen on the bassinet.  They provided monsters inc toys and colouring sets for our toddler, which kept her busy in between puzzle sessions on our IPad and Elmo on the TV. The hours passed quite quickly and by around 7pm UK time we settled our youngest down in the bassinet to sleep. She lasted about 90 minutes as there was a lot of noise and movement around her so she ended up sleeping on my lap after this point.  Our toddler fell asleep in her chair after a lot of unsettling.  The biggest negative of bulk head seats is that the arm rests don’t lift up so our eldest couldn’t lie down on us.  We finally got to sleep when an hour later all the lights came on and the crew began to serve hot towels before breakfast….2.5 hours before we were due to land. So unfortunately the girls woke up.  We landed at 7.30am Singapore time.

After somewhat impatiently waiting for our two pushchairs we transferred terminals and headed to our final gate….our final flight.  The home stretch. The girls had done brilliantly up until now but after 24 hours of travelling they were both exhausted. Our toddler had a bit of a meltdown in the bathroom and our baby was inconsolable and so sleep deprived. We quickly boarded and after a few more tears and tantrums both the girls plus Matt slept for over 3 hours, which was much needed catch up sleep.  I couldn’t really nap as I had our youngest on my lap and she was quite unsettled with overtired so I spent most of the flight rocking and soothing her.  30 hours into our journey we were about to land in Perth and due to poor exhaustion I felt pretty deflated….until I opened up the window shutter to this breathtaking view….


…We had found paradise….our dream was becoming a reality through our hard work and determination to get here.  We had arrived and suddenly I started to feel pretty excited about the weeks ahead..


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