The goodbyes

It’s hard for us to put into words how difficult and emotional it has been saying goodbye to our family and friends over the past few weeks.  To leave behind all that we know and take this huge leap of faith to follow our dreams knowing that we have their support means the world to us.  New country, new jobs, new friends….a whole new chapter.  The below words of encouragement from our closest friends and family will keep us going through the next few months.  We love you all dearly and wouldn’t be where we are today without your constant love and support.



Hope your long awaited dreams all come true

Goodbye for now, hope you love your new life in oz. We will miss you all

We admire your courage in taking this big step by moving to Australia to live

We wish you all best in Australia. We cannot put into words how much we are going to miss you all

I can’t believe the time is here for the big move after all of those years dreaming and planning for it. It goes without saying that I will miss you loads

I wish you all the love and luck in the world

Just to wish you a safe journey and lots of luck for your new adventure

Good luck on this great adventure guys

Not many people have the resolve and determination to achieve their dream. You guys do and you should be so proud of yourselves

It’s going to be so sad to see you go but we all know this is the biggest adventure you’ll ever have…enjoy the ride



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