Somebody pinch me, it’s actually happening…

September turned out to be a pretty emotional and busy month for us all.   We have said a lot of goodbyes so far, enjoyed a lot of days out and probably, most likely, if I’m completely honest with myself….drank a little bit too much wine and champagne.  Celebrating our move with our friends has been great fun but not so much for my waistline….I have thrown myself into detox mode thinking ahead to the glorious Perth summer and beach weather.  So yes, Perth will be our new home in 6 days’ time….Wow 6 DAYS (no longer are we counting months or weeks, we’ve hit the days mark)…..  This time next week we will have arrived into Perth and will hopefully be getting some sleep after a long 24 hour journey. Well maybe….our daughters may have other plans as they adjust to the 7 hour time change and dreaded jet lag.

So yes, the goodbyes have been wonderful and very emotional.   Having to say goodbye has made us really appreciate just how lucky we are to have some truly amazing family and friends in our lives who fully support our decision to emigrate, who are proud of us for achieving our dream and who understand why we need to do this.  We have talked about immigrating to Australia for so long, we have planned every detail and now we are so excited and proud to be so close to boarding that plane.


So in the last month we have been trawling through our last minute to do lists….closing saving accounts, changing addresses, cancelling family allowance payments, confirming flight meals and luggage allowances, tracking our container etc etc etc….  We seem to finish one to do list and another list appears.  Good job I love my lists.

So yes, somebody needs to pinch me right now.  The goodbyes are going well, our to-do lists are getting done and we really can’t wait to start our new lives in Perth. 6 more sleeps. I think it’s time to start packing.





3 responses to “Somebody pinch me, it’s actually happening…

  1. Reblogged this on ReloNavigator and commented:
    This is the reality when relocating internationally. Regardless of goals whether personal or business, the anxiety and the to do list that keeps coming is a part of living.

    ReloNavigator wishes you and your family with best of successes in your new home location in Perth, Australia. It will be a different environment but with open mind and heart to re-start in Perth, will be the driver of your family’s success.


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