Job offers, Anniversary celebrations and A&E visits….

A job offer, a romantic anniversary meal with the hubby and a full on belly laugh at bathtime from my youngest one turned my week right around. It has been an emotional one. A lot of teary final goodbyes (my sister in law, my best friend, my school friends…) alongside a string of infant/toddler related incidents.

image    image

My youngest is full to the brim with cold so is pretty grouchy and well, my toddler has had her fair share of bad luck this week…. A bust lip after she fell in the bathroom (followed by a dentist visit), a trip to A&E with a severely high temperature and a scrape to both knees after falling on the driveway.

Living out of suitcases has meant that the girls’ routines are slightly out of sync. Although our toddler has proved pretty resilient to the constant change of bedrooms and endless car journeys, I most definitely feel like her little sister is feeling somewhat overwhelmed by everything.  More than ever, I am really looking forward to finally finding our future home in Perth and returning to a routine. 23 days to go….

So yes, job offer! Success! After three job applications, two Skype interviews and a telephone call, I received a job offer that I’m pretty excited about. The feeling of securing work prior to our arrival is just wonderful. It really takes the financial pressure off our move.  We always talked about the possibility of me returning to work if the right job came up and my husband seems thrilled about taking on the role of SAHD (stay at home dad) for the next 6 months. Our girls remain at the centre of our decision to emigrate and so it is so important that they settle before starting nursery and schooling.  I think they are going to love daddy day care.






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