Homeless and jobless by choice and so excited!!

So this evening my husband and I are enjoying a glass (ok maybe more like a bottle or two…) of wine to celebrate his final shift at work. He is now unemployed. Scary. Exciting. Nerve wracking. Three words, which pretty much sum up how we are feeling right now. We’ve been counting down to this day for so many months that it’s hard to believe that we have made it to this point. Our family time starts now and we can’t wait to create some amazing memories during our last month in the UK with our beloved friends and family. We aren’t sure what the future holds for us in Australia but we are so proud of the journey we’ve made so far to fulfill our dream. Now it’s time to enjoy the ride…. xxx



3 responses to “Homeless and jobless by choice and so excited!!

  1. Just stumbled across your blog about move to Perth ! Took me back to 1989 when my teacher husband and I and four girls under 11 emigrated to Perth from Liverpool -no jobs but plenty of aspirations and hope . Glad to report we loved it here in Perth , the girls all grown up and life here is still excellent . Am sure you’ll be fine ! If you need any help with anything at all contact me


    • Thanks for your kind words Carol! I’m having a ‘what are we doing’ kind of day. Great to hear you’ve settled so well and still love it. I’m sure my blog brings back all kinds of memories for you from when you emigrated 🙂 I will definitely contact you if I have any questions along the way. Really appreciate you reaching out and it’s always good to know people who have made the leap. The next few weeks are going to be pretty busy finishing up loose ends here in the UK but we are so ready for our flight and to start setting up our new life out there.


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