The start of the goodbyes…

Saying goodbye to friends and family is something that Matt and I have gotten used to over our 10 years together. We’ve lived in different countries and travelled a lot…but this time it’s more of a final final goodbye as we are determined to make Australia our forever home. Every other move or trip up until now has been for a few months or a few years and we’ve always been able to make the flight back to the UK with ease.  The 9070 miles between our old home in England and our new home in Perth will mean our return visits will be less frequent…every two years or so with our first trip back planned for August 2016. The distance alone makes saying goodbye so emotional it’s best not to think about it too much…especially when you add two children into the mix. Our daughters will be 3 and 4 the next time we visit the UK. That thought alone puts our move into perspective and makes me pretty emotional…

So my first goodbye was on Sunday night, my friend Jen, who I have known for 14 years, travelled down from Edinburgh for dinner and drinks in town.  We spent the whole night chatting about the past, present and future. It was fab.


We smiled, laughed, danced and when I came home and read the goodbye card she gave me, I cried….for the first time since the planning stages of our move, I sobbed. Part of it was obviously down to the copious amounts of cocktails drank but also as our departure date is drawing closer, it’s starting to really sink in that we are leaving everything familiar to us for the absolute unknown…


I’m leaving behind some truly amazing friends who have always been there for me and who know me inside out.  It’s going to be so hard to make new friends who come even close to the friendships I am leaving behind. It’s hard to even write about how much we will miss our families so for the moment I will keep this part short….

So this is it, we are heading into the month of September, which will be full of goodbyes. From school friends to travel buddies, university mates to mummy friends, old work colleagues to neighbours and finally our families, who we will miss a million times more…. Xx





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