Our Hand Luggage Checklist – Travelling with an Infant & Toddler

We were delighted with our 30kg per person checked luggage allowance but I must admit that we were a little bit nervous about the prospect of packing all of our necessities into our 7kg per person hand luggage allowance.  We called Singapore Airlines who advised we could also take a small nappy bag or rucksack weighing up to 3kg for our baby’s essentials and also a laptop or handbag per person.  Remembering we would have to carry everything through four airports ( Newcastle, London, Singapore, Perth), we opted for 1 pull along suitcase, 1 trunkii, 1 small baby backpack and 1 adult rucksack as well as 1 stroller (and Ergo carrier).  And so after a lot of research, it was important to write (yet another) list to ensure that we would have everything we needed for the 24 hour journey to Perth without over-packing.


But first here are a few family friendly tips:

  • Buy a few new small toys or activities for your toddler for the flight, or if you don’t want to buy new then hide some of their favourite toys a month or so before the flight so they are excited to be ‘reunited’ with these at the airport or on board
  • Try not to take large soft toys on the flight – they will get in the way and you’ll already have a lot of hand luggage to manoeuvre through airports, security, customs and on board…not to mention the fact they could get lost.  My eldest daughter is attached to her giant Winnie the Pooh soft toy so we compromised and bought a new smaller size Winnie for her to take on the flight, which she is delighted with!
  • Don’t over-rely on in-flight meals for your children, even the best eater can become a fussy eater on board as they lose the sense of familiarity. Bring healthy snacks that don’t take up a lot of room and can be squashed and squeezed into your bags, for example dried cereal, dried fruit and crackers.
  • If old enough, talk to your toddler in advance about the upcoming flight and prepare them for the journey ahead.  There are some great airline books you can buy to help get them excited about your adventure
  • Take layers – flights can be cold, especially for children and although you may be landing in 40 degree heat, you need to prepare for cooler temperatures in flight.  If you baby sleeps in a sleeping bag, take it with you.
  • Allow extra time for every aspect of your journey, negotiating new airports with a baby, toddler, stroller and hand luggage will take longer and there will be plenty stops along the way for nappy changes, snack times and drinks.

So here it is, my Personal Hand Luggage List for myself, husband, our 2 year old and 1 year old…I’ll update again once we’ve survived the flight in October!


Passports, Flight Infortmation, Visa Details, Rental Car and Holiday House Documentations

Document Folders x 2 containing all of our important documents

Food & Formula


2 empty water beakers

Milk powder dispenser

Thermos Flask

2 x baby spoons

2 x milk bottles

Plastic wipe down bibs

Disposable liners for milk bottles

Plenty Muslin Squares




IPad and Charger

Hard Drive Storage Unit

Mobile Phones & Chargers

Travel size essential toiletries

Travel First Aid Pack

2 sets of spare clothing for Matt and I

Cloth Bag

Plastic Bag

For Baby & Toddler

Bunny & Winnie – my toddler’s bedtime friends

12 Nappies for Ava & Mollie each

1 x Baby Wipes


Hand Sanitiser

Anti-bacterial Wipes

2 x buggies

Blackout blind for buggy

Toddler Headphones

Snacks – raisins, grapes, organix crisps, cheerios, sliced cheese, rice cakes, dried fruit

Baby’s sleeping bag

2 sets of spare clothing for both girls

100ml of calpol and ibuprofen for children


Walking Reigns

Girl’s immunisation booklets

Ergo Carrier

1 x small blanket/comforter

Limited Toys/Games/Activities – Aqua Doodle Travel n Doodle, Finger Puppets, Paperback Books, Stacking Cups, Wooden Fishing Game, Sticker Book & Colouring/Activity Book


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