Day Two – The arrival of the 20 foot beast…

With our girls in the very capable hands of Mommar and Dandad, we were back at the house today for the second to last time (tomorrow we’ll drop in to handover the keys to our landlord). As the removal men packed up the last boxes in our bedroom and garage, we eagerly awaited the arrival of our 20 foot container to pull up.  It arrived just after 1pm and what a beast it was!



The guys got to work, meticulously choosing the right boxes to carefully fit everything inside as tight and securely as possible.  The whole process took less than 60 minutes before the container doors were closed and in exchange for our worldly goods we were handed a copy of the inventory.


Job done! Thanks to Doree Bonner for being ‘purr-fect movers’


In less than 48 hours our home has been emptied and returned back to a shell.  It’s no longer our home, it’s just a house…. We’ll carry with us lots of happy memories from the past two years….this was Mollie’s first home, where Ava learn’t to walk and talk and where we planned and planned for this next chapter.  It’s time…. xx


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