A very busy week ahead…

It has been a pretty hectic week and we have another busy week ahead of us full of last minute jobs before we can finally (slightly) relax and wave goodbye to our belongings as they begin their journey to the other side of the world in our container.  I feel pretty much in control and as prepared as I can be (thanks to my never-ending lists!) and I guess the fact that we have two children to consider in everything we do, has made us get things done in advance to allow for the unexpected that comes with having two little ones.


This week we have paid our shipping company, arranged a buyer for our car, started to pack our suitcases, cleaned our bikes and outdoor footwear down, finished varnishing our garden furniture, cancelled our utility bill direct debits, tidied up the gardens, soldiered on with the clearing out of wardrobes, toy chests and cupboards, received a lovely reference letter from our landlady for our rental pack and so on and so on.  As the house starts to feel cleansed of clutter, the reality of our move is becoming more and more prominent by the day as we are slowly being surrounded by our belongings in boxes and suitcases.  Excitement, fear, anxiety, relief that we’ve made it this far….we’re both feeling every emotion under the sun right now.  I have positive moments where I am absolutely bursting with excitement, feeling so happy with how everything is panning out for us and ever so proud of what we’ve accomplished so far in turning our dream into a reality. Then comes the few low times I’ve experienced so far, where I feel guilt, sadness and slight worry about the uncertainty that lies ahead of us.  We knew a move as great as this one would make us feel emotional especially the closer it gets to our flight date and I guess with it being just 9 days until our container arrives, it really is starting to hit us hard.

On the job search front, my husband has been shortlisted for an Operations Manager position and so he has started to prepare for his interview next week. Researching the company, brushing up on his interview skills, making endless notes and of course arranging to have the interview in the quiet oasis that is my parent’s house so that he can prepare and complete the interview in much calmer surroundings (compared to the noisy chaos of our half-packed house).  It would absolutely feel like a lottery win to have a job offer in hand prior to us flying out in October as it would obviously mean a lot less stress and anxiety in the first few weeks in Perth.  Even if he’s unsuccessful with this particular job role, the opportunity to interview this far ahead of us arriving into Perth has given us a much needed confidence boost and it’s all great practice.

So I guess the next time I’ll be updating my blog (glass of wine in hand!) will be in 10 days time when we are waving goodbye to our container and starting a three month stint living out of our suitcases.

This really is it!



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