Let there be lists!

With only two weeks to go before our shipping container arrives my constant list making has most definitely reached its peak. I write lists in the morning in a very sleepy haze (my two girls have recently joined the 5am wake up club…yawn), I lie in bed at night running through tomorrow’s to do list in my head, I find myself writing daily lists just to get through the day. I write lists about lists about lists. With our looming move to the other side of the world, you could compare me to a swan, I may look calm and composed on the surface but I’m paddling like hell underneath…


Yesterday I went into town and rather than the usual few things to do like take library books back, take the girls to feed the ducks and get a few bits from the shop it was like a military operation. I went to the bank to change our address, arranged a carpet cleaner for next week to clean our carpets before we move out, bought my girls a few new toys for the flight, bought a smaller travel toilet seat to take in our checked luggage and posted our student loans change of income assessment forms. Life just got busier and every day seems to be consumed with all things Perth related.  Once home, I was feeding my youngest with one hand and on the phone to our airline with the other to confirm our luggage allowance and seat allocations. Then the afternoon involved cleaning through the kitchen cupboards, sorting through children’s books and finishing off our packing lists for the flights in addition to the usual tasks of  cooking for the girls, playing hide and seek and reading them stories before bathtime and bedtime. Life is pretty nonstop but with just 17 days until we wave our container off I know we are so close to our move now and I’ll make up for the slight guilt I feel not being able to spend as much quality time with my girls at the moment. In a few weeks time, we will have so much family time to look forward to before the real hard work starts all over again when we touch down in Perth.

Moving with children throws a lot of curve balls and I’m so glad both my husband and I are fairly organized and have given ourselves plenty of time to get everything sorted.  With a daily routine full of unexpected nappy changes, toddler tantrums and toilet trips (potty training is still ongoing with my eldest but going great), I guess my lists give me a little sense of order and control. Even if I only get one thing done on my list in between everything else that comes with having two girls so young, I feel a huge sense of accomplishment and one more step closer to our move. Granted some days are more productive than others but I definitely feel I’m balancing time with my girls as much as I can. It’s a great feeling to think that once everything is packed up on 15th August I can enjoy a few months of just being mum.


When I look at our final to do list, it is definitely becoming shorter and the amount of tasks I add to it is becoming less and less….I think I have covered everything, maybe….definitely maybe….

Big journeys begin with small steps. It’s almost time for our big leap.


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