A loft full of memories…

Today was the day that we decided to tackle the loft.  Our shipping company requested that we empty the loft prior to their arrival in less than 4 weeks time and so with the sun shining and both of our girls on generally good form we decided to get this task ticked off our never ending to do list.


So many boxes hidden out of sight were brought down and sprawled over our lawn as we ruthlessly went through our belongings to decide what would make the cut into our 20 foot container.  Our shipping company had already advised us that our shipment would be tight and with two little ones we seem to be constantly accumulating even more clothing, books, toys and especially jigsaws, which is our toddler’s latest obsession.  What we thought would be ‘a few boxes’ in the loft turned out to be 36 boxes.. Thirty Six!!!

So, with the promise of wine this evening. we started our afternoon in the sunshine going through box after box after box.  Our toddler loved helping us go through everything and I absolutely loved seeing her face light up at photos of mummy and daddy when they were younger and of course she adored playing with mummy’s old barbie dolls and care bears as well as daddy’s wooden garage made by Tabby (aka Grandpa).

IMG_3590 IMG_3593

I think it has hit me pretty hard today what we are about to embark on in just 11 weeks time. Sorting through our own childhood memories…our school photos, favourite toys, books and family photos, I can’t help but worry over the uncertainty of our impending new life in Perth.  Our daughters will grow up with Australian accents in Australian schools and make Australian friends. They will not remember their first few years in life living in England.  Their whole future (hopefully) now lies in Australia and it’s feeling more real than ever.


With emotions running high and quite a few tears and lots of hugs from my girls, we managed to sort through everything in 4 hours and now are feeling pretty happy to have this job completed and everything stored as tidy as can be in our garage.

IMG_3601Now…where’s the wine??



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