Flight change…

IMG_3547 My husband and I were devastated to hear the tragic news that Malaysia Airlines had been hit by another disaster just months after flight MH370 vanished.  After the first tragedy in March, we didn’t even contemplate changing our flight plans and stuck by our decision to keep our route to Perth via Kuala Lumpur with Malaysia Airlines.  We’d flown with them before, had booked good timings that would hopefully limit the jetlag and in-flight tantrums (or so we hoped!) and I’d personally found their customer service team excellent when calling to confirm our flight details, bassinet, seat allocations and meal requirements.  However waking up to this sad news, we were left wondering whether it was now worth re-considering our airline choice.  Although it could have easily been a different aircraft shot down over Ukraine, how did we both really feel about the grim coincidence of another rare aviation disaster occurring with the same airline in a matter of months? After a long discussion over dinner and a call to our booking agent, we were offered a full refund from Malaysia Airlines and chose to re-book directly with Singapore Airlines.  We found a great price directly through their website, however when we went to choose our seats there were none available together.  Slightly panicked as we had already cancelled our original flights, we called Singapore Airlines who were quick to call us back and confirm seats together and a bassinet for our youngest on both longer flights.  We were also relieved to be able to choose similar timings as originally booked, arriving into Perth mid afternoon a day later than previously scheduled. It’s now 11pm and it has been a pretty stressful few hours but we both feel happy with our choice and have peace of mind that we’ve made the right decision for us and our girls.   Now we just to need to change our car hire pick up date, advise the owner of our short-term accommodation of our later arrival and amend our shipping container paperwork to include our new flight number and date.  Although a little bit of hassle, I guess the bonus is we get an extra day with our family in England…. 80 no actually now 81 days to go..        


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