One of those days….

Today has been very much ‘one of those days’….

It started off so hopeful, the sun was shining, I had my ‘to do’ list for Perth at the ready, I even enjoyed a full cup of hot tea before the chaotic morning rituals of breakfast and getting the girls ready in time for their morning play-date.  And then it started…firstly a nappy somehow made its way into the washing basket and then into the washing machine.  Oh my word… I could have cried at that stage but I didn’t (and thankfully it wasn’t a dirty nappy).  Instead, I picked myself up off the kitchen floor, placed the whole load back into the machine, gave a big sigh and turned my attention onto the next task of our day….baking.


My eldest daughter is a real foodie and absolutely loves to bake.  I love our mornings spent in the kitchen together when her little sister is napping.  She loves to mix, cut out shapes and divide out the ingredients between different bowls.   She has to wear her apron, wash her hands beforehand and have her hair tied back.  Unfortunately, today’s cooking attempt of white chocolate and cranberry cookies for this Sunday’s christening, were in one word – inedible.  Not only did I add too much flour, I then forgot to put the timer on and so the end result was fluffy under-cooked biscuits. Unbelievable. After a quick re-group consisting of grapes for one, milk for the other and a luke warm cup of tea for me, we made it through the rest of the morning without too many more hiccups…apart from the odd toilet training accident and a front door that wouldn’t open.

Then came lunch time when just as I was beginning to think we were over the worst of today’s dramas, my youngest daughter threw up…everywhere.  And of course as I reached for my mobile to call my doctor’s surgery to arrange an appointment, I realized the surgery was closed for lunch so I was forced to impatiently wait until they re-opened at 2pm to be then told I would have to come down and wait to be seen as there were no appointments left for the day.  And so after another toddler tantrum, three trips to the toilet, a change of clothes and her hat found, I was able to get my eldest daughter out of the house (via the garage door as the front door was still broken) and into the car.  With my toddler napping and a very fed up 9 month old cradled in my arms, one hour later we were finally greeted by a new but very friendly doctor and left with prescription in hand.  Success….the first of today and it was now 3pm.

Back at home, a bit of Finding Nemo put the world to rights again for my toddler but I was left cradling my sick baby in one hand whilst trying to make dinner and get the girls’ bedrooms ready for bed with my other hand.  Was it 5pm yet? Like a puppy waiting for his master, I was so thrilled to see daddy come through the door and sweep the girls from my hands.

And that’s when the tears fell and continued to fall for quite some time as I relayed today’s efforts back to my husband.  He listened, smiled and then reassured me that yes I’d had one of those days but that I was a fantastic mummy and that I have to believe in myself and all I do for our girls.  And with those sweet words I decided to change a very bad day into a bad day with a happier ending.  As my husband attended to our baby, I took our toddler outside for a run around and some fresh air (whilst I hung out the washing from this morning that had been in the washing machine since 9am…).  I couldn’t help but smile at her as she picked flowers, sang her heart out, watered the plants and danced around me.

She skipped inside and asked to bake pancakes again…yes my first attempt looked very similar to fluffy pancakes…So we baked, laughed and smiled….this time our cookies were a success, which was a huge relief.  And as we baked, I could hear her little sister gurgling and laughing away in the bath with daddy.


Even after my quite disastrous day, my three loves can’t help but make me feel very loved and very blessed.

Every day is a new beginning. Take a deep breath and start again xx


One response to “One of those days….

  1. We’ve all had days like that! I’m glad you were able to find something positive out of an awful day x


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