Returning to the world of work

This week I’ve added another role to my list of jobs.  As well as being homemaker, wife, mummy and organizer of our big move, I’ve also become my husband’s PA as he begins the huge process of applying for jobs in Perth. A lot to juggle… Whilst proof reading his latest cover letter, I can’t help but wonder about my future career path as I will look to return to work once the girls are hopefully settled next year.

When I was younger, I wanted to be an English teacher and I was on the way to becoming this, achieving an A Grade at AS level in English Literature with one of my papers achieving 99%. During my school days, reading was a way of escapism and I loved the freedom of writing. Unfortunately after a pretty tough year of being bullied, I had to drop English Lit as the thought of spending another year in the same class as my bully made my stomach turn. So I kept studying two languages and geography instead. I continued onto university, which I loved and I really came into my own during this time surrounding myself with some truly great friends and also meeting my husband in 2004 during my placement year. I graduated with a First class degree in Travel and Tourism Management and continued into a career with Marriott International. I adore working in hospitality and I feel lucky to have had the opportunity to work and live abroad in such a dynamic, exciting and challenging industry.

Like many others, becoming a mum has changed the way I think about my career and balancing the two is something that a lot of my mummy friends struggle with. Future school runs, school plays, sick days and school holidays make me rethink my return to the world of hospitality, especially as we won’t have the help of grandparents at hand. So if I wasn’t a hotelier, what would I be? I’ve considered returning to university and completing a master of teaching postgraduate degree. I’ve contemplated staying within tourism but choosing a different direction such as sales, events or admin. I’ve thought about setting up my own business or managing my own franchise…Luckily, I have plenty of time to think about what type of job would best fit in with our new family life in Perth and offer the best balance possible. I guess things might become a bit clearer once we are finally out there. I’ll always be a hotel girl at heart and there’s definitely something about working in the industry that draws you back in.

But for now it’s back to the happy chaos of doting on my two girls, going through final checklists for our move and doing everything I can to help secure my husband’s future job. And just to finish this post off, I do love this quote …..

‘Don’t confuse having a career with having a life.’ – Hillary Clinton

10444639_10152424178467702_5333635418293691949_nMy family xx



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