See a penny pick it up…

Last weekend, on our drive down to York for a wedding, my husband and I discussed our current finances in length and how much more we realistically need to save before we fly to Perth in October. Three years of saving and a lot of planning & talking…four months to go!

I’m quite amazed at how much we’ve had to save for our big move. It’s such a huge investment both emotionally and financially especially with our girls in tow. I’d say by the time we are out there and set up in our new rented accommodation, we will have spent close to £35,000. This total includes visa agent costs, flights, shipping, medicals, passports (don’t let me start ranting about the cost of child passports!), initial accommodation, car hire and additional set up costs. As well as these’ known’ costs, we’ve also factored in the ‘unknown’ by setting aside a contingency budget in case there is a delay in Matt starting work.   We’ve decided it’s also important for me to continue to stay at home with our girls until we all feel it’s the right time for me to return to the world of work.  Ensuring we have enough funds behind us will take the pressure off this and also allow me to get out there, network and meet new people through playdates & playgroups.


When we first discussed emigrating I was quite naive to the costs that would be involved. It quickly became clear that we would need to start saving immediately and thankfully at that time we were both still working so we started to set aside money each month into our ‘Australia dream fund’.   I’ll be completely honest, since getting married I’ve taken a bit of a backseat when it comes to our finances.  My husband is a bit of a geek (in a good, lovable way I might add – he will be reading this!) when it comes to money and so him taking control of this area suits us both. Without my husband, we wouldn’t have been able to save as much as we have done without us dipping into our house deposit savings. Saving has been made even more challenging with us choosing for me to stay at home with the girls in the run up to our move.  We’ve definitely become more savvy with our money now we are living on one salary.   I  feel so lucky, privileged, blessed and very happy to be at home and watch my girls play, laugh and smile together every day.


We’ve invested so much money, time & energy into this move.  All of our eggs are very much in one basket 🙂

image (1)


And yet, I’m not worried about this not working out.  Because at the end of the day I’d rather have a life full of ‘oh wells’ than a life of ‘what ifs’ xx


3 responses to “See a penny pick it up…

    • Thank you,it has been in the pipeline for so long it’s hard to believe we are almost there! Congrats on baby number 3, your princesses are adorable. I love having two girls 🙂


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