Just call me Mrs Spencer

Last night we sat down to watch the delectable Phil Spencer search for homes in Perth for two expat couples. This is what our Tuesday nights are all about (and not just because I have a slight crush on Mr Spencer!) I absolutely love watching any property shows and so I guess it would be a slight understatement to say I’m pretty excited about the prospect of buying our first home soon.

After 10 years together, several addresses and 2 children, I feel it’s definitely time to put down some roots once we have (hopefully) settled in Perth. As Phil demonstrates, this is no easy task in a booming city with many expats like us moving to Perth and snapping up houses.

In addition to it being a competitive market, there is also so many suburbs to choose from and where to start when you are a complete stranger to the city? In terms of location, not only do we have to find a place within commuting distance to Perth CBD for work, the girls are at the absolute centre of this decision and so schooling is of utmost importance to us. For me, it is important to be within walking distance to local amenities and playgroups so that I can begin to network and make the transition as easy as possible for the girls.

With all these questions racing through my mind, I’ve successfully done two things this evening to hopefully ease this process. Firstly I’ve purchased a regional map showing all of Perth’s suburbs so that we can start to pinpoint places we like following our research. Secondly, I’ve emailed Channel 4 as surely Phil can help us out and find the perfect house for us?


The lovely Phil Spencer

Here’s dreaming!


4 responses to “Just call me Mrs Spencer

  1. Ok, I don’t live aaaaanywhere near Perth… But we have a lot in common. Been married 10 years, we have 2 kids, and we’ve had 7 addresses in 10 years (hoping for an 8th soon). We are also ready to put down some roots! Good luck 🙂 hope Mr. Spencer can help you out 😉


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