Our Life in Boxes

390 CDs
272 Books
160 DVDs
78 Toys
24 Ornaments
12 Pots & Pans
2 Wine Racks
1 Rocking Horse….

This week we’ve begun the huge task of counting our belongings in order to complete the Marine Insurance Form for our shipping container to Perth. This is no easy chore with two infants in our two bedroom home, which is ‘ever so slightly’ cluttered with toys, clothes, paintings and furniture. In the midst of our counting and sorting, I can see why so many expats choose to sell their belongings and pack light when they emigrate. But even though it’s a lengthy task to ship everything,  when I walk around our home I’m constantly reminded of our travels and adventures.  Everything from our Chai tea cups from India to our New Zealand Tiki, which hangs at our Front Door makes me smile and reminisce.  And so for this reason, our possessions will follow us to Australia.

10 years of building a life together in 8 different houses in 4 countries as well as travelling in a further 10 countries. It was inevitable as travel enthusiasts that my husband and I would buy more ‘stuff’ on our travels together. So much of our ‘stuff’ tells a unique story from the adventures we’ve taken together.

Our Sheepskin Rug chosen from Walter Peak High Country Farm in Queenstown after a beautiful horse ride overlooking Lake Wakatipu.

Our Ganesh Pottery and Hand Printed Table Linens sold by locals outside of Jaipur in India.

Our Hand painted Didgeridoo bought in the heart of Alice Springs after our 3 day visit to Uluru, Kata Tjuta and Kings Canyon.

Our colourful hammock bought from an artsy shop on the side of a dirt road in Koh Phangan, Thailand.

Our Brazilian Canvas Painting made by a local schoolboy called William bought in a Favela outside of Rio de Janeiro on our honeymoon.

The Propaganda Poster we bought in Hanoi, Vietnam at the end of our trip just after a great few days hiking in Sapa.


Our ever growing collection of USA State Registration Plates that remind us of some great stateside roadtrips


And so the counting continues…in between colouring in, jigsaws and reading with my daughters…

88 days until our container arrives
3 years in the making
1 new home to fill with our beloved belongings at the other end….


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