Milestones….Miles Away From Home

As my girls sleep soundly in the back of the car and the rain lashes down onto the windscreen, my husband and I are both feeling pretty emotional as we leave the Lake District after our week’s holiday.


We have been very lucky with the weather this week but today is very dreary and reminds me how much I can’t wait to live in a sunnier climate. It has been wonderful to spend some quality time with Matt’s family, enjoying sunny lakeside walks, picnics, swimming, pub lunches and family catch ups in the evenings.
IMG_1776 Matt and I visited the lakes a lot when we were both growing up and it continued to be a popular destination choice when we were dating. It then seemed pretty fitting to go on to choose the Lodore Falls Hotel on Derwentwater for our wedding in 2008.
Matt & Emma's wedding album (105)
This visit feels different and somewhat nostalgic as we don’t know when we’ll be returning again….how old will the girls be when we get the opportunity to visit again? We’ve just said goodbye to Matt’s parents again as they travel back to York and we head further north to Newcastle. Every time we say goodbye to them it feels more emotional as we are getting closer and building up to the final goodbye in October. Emotions are running high for everyone. I really hate goodbyes…

In addition to spending time with family in one of our favourite places, we also celebrate our eldest daughter turning 2 today. Wow…two years…two amazing years. I cannot begin to describe the absolute love and admiration I have for my daughter. When I look at her, I think back to the morning of 7th May 2012 when I woke up with the feeling that something wasn’t quite right. I was 38 weeks and 2 days pregnant and up until then had enjoyed feeling my baby move, kick, nudge and prod me pretty much every hour of every day. On that morning, I wasn’t feeling her usual movements and so I leisurely walked to the hospital with nothing more than a pregnancy magazine and my husband in tow. I assumed I’d receive a scan to check all was well and I’d be back home for a cup of tea before lunchtime. Amazingly, 2 hours and 26 minutes after arriving I was holding my newborn baby being told that if I hadn’t trusted my motherly instincts then my daughter may not be with us… I cherish every single day with her, the highs and the lows. She is happy (most of the time although the tantrums have started recently). She is healthy. She is my whole world (along with her little sister and her daddy of course).


Time….it really does go fast doesn’t it? My girls are growing up so quickly and with these important milestones and our impending move, I start to think about future milestones that our parents will especially miss out on with their two granddaughters. First days at school, first swimming lessons, first school plays, first teeth falling out, first boyfriends, first driving lessons…. Emotions are running so high, especially now that we are counting down the weeks rather than the months.  I can only hope that all of these positives we are pinning this move on outweigh the huge negative, which comes from leaving our families behind.  We are so determined to make this move work and create a better life for us both and our girls xx



2 responses to “Milestones….Miles Away From Home

  1. Happy birthday sweet girl! My husband and I both live away from our families and I don’t know if this will make you feel any better but we feel like we were forced to be much stronger because of it. We cannot rely on their help or assistance and are on our own for everything. This has caused us to rely very strongly on each other and also friends, which can become so close they feel like family themselves.


  2. Thanks Sasha! We’ve lived apart from our parents before but not since we expanded our brood to four! I hope we find some good friends and you are so right about us becoming a closer family unit following the move. I’m sure that will happen! And thanks for the birthday wishes!


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