Arrival of our second baby and approval of our visa


Good news arrived in two forms in October 2013. Firstly we welcomed our second daughter into the world. Her arrival was closely followed by the call from our agent that we’d anxiously been waiting for. We were sat having lunch when Matt picked up his phone and suddenly burst into laughter and smiles. We’d been accepted by the state of Western Australia and had one year to arrive in Australia in order to validate our visa. The following weeks were pretty emotional as we booked our flights and gave our friends and family the actual date of 6th October 2014 as our flight date. The reality of our move started to really hit home and there were days where we questioned the move. These doubts and niggles were going to be inevitable. It was hard not to question such a big decision especially when looking at how it was going to effect our eldest daughter. During the early planning stages she was just a baby but now she had transformed into a very bright and inquisitive little toddler. How were we going to cope with her questions once we moved? Would she accept FaceTime and Skype as forms of keeping in touch with her favourite people. She was a little social butterfly and absolutely thrived on her little routine of playgroups, swimming, playdates and nursery. She loved her home, her bed, her garden, her friends and her cousins. We were going to turn her little world upside down and there were going to be so many changes in such a short space of time. A lot of changes for a toddler to adapt to and accept.

Aswell as caring for a very independent and extremely opinionated toddler, we also had to consider our newborn. She was struggling with reflux, colic and a milk protein intolerance. How would we cope with the flight? Would we be able to get Mollie’s medications out in Australia? How would the girls cope with the jet lag? How would I explain that their toys would be going into a shipping container? Would Our girls make new friends with ease? Would Matt find the right job? Would I settle and find a new group of friends through networking and finding the right playgroups? It was hard not to dwell on these questions, especially spending every day at home with the girls. It was time to accept that in reality, the move would most likely not go seamlessly and there would be many bumps along the road. But we were a team and we shared this desire to emigrate, we both wanted this. This was our dream, a better future, a more healthy lifestyle, more family time, being outdoors, enjoying the girls together in a country that we had fallen in love with. But this time, we were no longer just a couple of backpackers with only the need for our passports and pennies in our pocket. Our baggage was much bigger this time. We had two little people to consider and who had made the logistics of our move much more, well, complicated. And so with this in mind, the long ‘to do’ lists began as our main priorities became two-fold. Firstly, to make the move as easy for our girls as possible and secondly to make the most of our final months with our family and friends.


4 responses to “Arrival of our second baby and approval of our visa

  1. You’ll be just fine, Emma. My son was 7 when we emigrated to WA, I only packed his favourite LEGO, books and plush toys in his backpack for the plane. Everything else went to charity or storage. It’s amazing how quickly his toy collection grew once he got here hehe. Our “stuff” didn’t arrive til nearly 2 years later cos we didn’t have the money to send for it…by the time we did pay it off and it got here, most of it was obsolete. With 2 little girls to think of, Emma, I’d pack and travel light. You can get everything here in Perth, there’s even an IKEA. Just take personal items of sentimental value, like family albums, christening gifts, books you can’t live without, IT, your Art collection, jewellery etc.

    Ring your airline carrier and ask for the seats behind the dividing wall, the one with the pulldown ledge where you can put the baby. It’s specially made to accommodate babies. Cabin pressure may upset the little ones’ ears, bring some sweets to suck, Your baby can have a bottle.

    What is your hubby Matt’s trade?


    • Thanks for all your help! My husband is a hotel manager and so is looking to work for one of the 5 star hotels and in the future return back to working for Marriott as they are set to open a Ritz Carlton in 2016 in Perth. We’ve travelled with both of the girls before but shorter flights and have already booked bulkhead seats with our airline. We did think about selling a lot of our furniture but have decided to bring everything with us as we don’t really have that much and the cost of shipping is much less than buying again and factoring in shopping for furniture all over again. My eldest daughter has her trunkii which I’m sure she will fill with all her favourite bits and pieces!


      • I would still try to cut back on furniture because there’s always Gumtree where yoy can pick up stuff oftentimes for free. Aussie houses aren’t that big and you may find it hard to get a house that will take all your furniture…the bigger the house, the higher the rent don’t forget. And we’re talking WEEKLY rents here, not Monthly. You might end up like us, half our boxes are lying in our open patio as our shed is chocka already. No lofts or basements here!


      • Thanks for your comments AlyZen Moonshadow. We currently have a two bedroom house and don’t have a lot of large furniture so I’m sure we’ll be fine as we plan to rent a three bedroom house so the girls have their own space. We have lived in Australia before so we are aware of the rentals and the housing.


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