Juggling the visa process with family life

I can still remember the look on my husband’s face when we discovered that his occupation of hotelier was on the short list for state sponsored visas and that our dream of emigrating to Australia was actually a possibility.  After many late evening discussions, we decided the best option would be to go through a visa agent and after a lot of research and recommendations we chose a reputable company with years of experience. Having started the actual visa process at the same time as bringing home our newborn daughter, it seemed important to have an advisor and looking back, this was probably the best decision we made.  We delayed our official application as we decided it was important to move back to the UK and spend time with family before our move, so when our daughter was 4 months old we moved from Dublin to Newcastle with the vision of another 18 months before our move, if all went well. The emails and telephone calls between us and our agent seemed to be never ending as we balanced home life and work life with pulling together documents, references, qualifications, birth certificates and passport copies….And just as the process was coming together, well, I decided to throw yet another spanner in the works….one evening after turning down a job offer to return to work, I turned to Matt and asked whether another baby at this stage was an option.  

A few more hours and a couple of glasses of wine later we decided to try for a baby and 2 months later I was holding a pregnancy stick with two blue lines thinking to myself how on earth were we going to manage a new baby, a toddler and the logistics of moving our expanding family to the other side of the world…..



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