A little bit more about me and our choice to emigrate


I guess my passion for travelling started during my first summer job abroad. I worked as a children’s courier in France and loved the sense of adventure, discovering new places, meeting new people and of course the sunshine. After France, I worked in Italy then America before returning to the UK to complete my university placement at the York Marriott. I met Matt there and we both hit it off immediately especially since we’d both just returned from working in America so right from the start. Travel was a popular topic of conversation.

After we married in 2008, we decided to take career breaks and applied for working holiday visas to work and travel in Australia for a year. After a month in India, we flew to Sydney and both got work almost immediately. We fell in love with the vibrancy of Sydney and our walk to work over the harbour bridge every day was just amazing. After 6 months of hard saving we began our road trip through NSW, Victoria, Tasmania, SA, NT and QLD. That year made us feel closer than ever as a couple and we knew as soon as we boarded the plane to leave that we wanted to return.

Once we settled into work back in Dublin we would reminisce about our trip every evening. When we thought about our future, we thought Australia. And so the visa process began…just around the same time I found out I was pregnant…. Xx


4 responses to “A little bit more about me and our choice to emigrate

  1. I hope you realise that Perth is the most remote city in the world, Emma. There are more job and education opportunities, places to see, things to do, culture, The Arts, theme parks etc on the Eastern seaboard. With 2 growing kids, you may find yourself in future factoring in the cost of flying the family to Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney etc for holidays. Unless of course your girls like the sun and surf, in which case they’ll enjoy growing up in WA. Everyday food and groceries are also more expensive in WA, as everything needs to be freighted or flown in interstate or from overseas.


    • Thanks, we realise all of your points and although initially would have loved to go east, my husband was approved a visa for WA and it is state sponsored. We have savings and so a move eastward in the future isn’t out of the question but we do have friends and family in Perth and so hope we settle. If not there are options for us! šŸ™‚


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